Waco ISD jobs in limbo

Wednesday night, the Waco ISD school board agreed to terminate nearly 200 teachers contracts for next school year. They say that is the worst case scenario, and plan to rehire most of those teachers.

Former little league baseball coach accused of sexually assaulting multiple children

A former Bellmead little league baseball coach is in jail, facing up to seven charges for molesting children. Police tell us that several young boys have come forth saying they were molested by Coach Larry Mammen.

"All My Children" and "One Life to Live" -- CANCELLED

Officials with ABC say, "All My Children" and "One Life to Live" are cancelled.

Burglars caught in the act of breaking into a Killeen school

Two teenagers were caught in the act of burglarizing a school, in Killeen, on Saturday. Police say, Roberta Luna and James Gibson, broke through a window at Palo Alto Middle School, with intentions of stealing items from inside.

Toddler dies after being severely injured by teenage babysitter

A 14-year-old boy was babysitting his two younger siblings and a one-year-old girl on Tuesday, at 5400 Lauren Lea Drive Letter B. That's when, police say, he severely injured the one-year-old, Janyha Graves, who later died.

Perry Jones III announces his return to Baylor next season

Baylor Bears star player, Perry Jones III, announced Tuesday that he will be back with Baylor next season.

Gas prices rise causing the demand for gas to fall

With tight gas budgets, many around Central Texas are starting to make sacrifices just to get themselves to work everyday.

Monday wildfire update

Yesterday Texas Forest Service responded to 10 fires for 22,432 acres. Today the Texas Forest Service responded to 8 new calls for assistance from local fire departments. New Fires:

Drugs found in city vehicles in Rosebud

ROSEBUD -- The city of Rosebud is under tough scrutiny tonight. First, the former Police Chief is charged with tampering with evidence. Then, drugs are found in city vehicles.