Weekend opera, fundraiser for noteworthy Midway orchestra

WACO -- It's music not often heard in Waco, by an internationally recognized orchestra of students, all still in grade school.

Calmer winds may aid Colorado firefighters in epic battle

(CNN) -- Calmer winds and lower temperatures Thursday could help firefighters battle a blaze that has devoured more than 18,000 acres and chased 36,000 people from their homes in Colorado Springs.

Congressman Flores releases statement on health care ruling

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, the United States Supreme Court presented its ruling that upholds Obamacare. Following the news of the ruling, Congressman Bill Flores (R-Texas) issued the following statement:

What the health care ruling means to you

(CNN) -- The Supreme Court's decision Thursday to uphold the Affordable Care Act means that the predictions about how it will affect all Americans remain in place. Here are some highlights:

Supreme Court upholds Obamacare

U.S. — According to CNN, the Supreme Court ruled Thursday to uphold President Barack Obama's health care law, with justices upholding a key provision requiring people to have health insurance.

ETX copper thieves busted after pocket dialing 911

Lufkin — Two copper thieves are under arrest after accidentally dialing 911 early Wednesday morning.

Synthetic drugs may have short term popularity

WACO -- It's like something out a horror film complete with zombie attacks, hysteria and sacrificing small animals. But this time, it's real.

Rodent population increasing after rains, attracting predators

CENTRAL TEXAS -- Summer is here but after a rainy spring season we may be left with more than we bargained for.

BBB reports hundreds of complaints against AC repair companies

CENTRAL TEXAS -- Increasing bills as a result of hiking temperatures shouldn't mean your AC repairs should cost you too.

Saudi student convicted in Texas bomb plot

A 20-year-old Saudi student in Texas has been convicted by an Amarillo federal jury of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction.