Low water levels dangerous for swimmers

WACO -- As Waco's water levels decrease, the amount of drowning's in unsafe territories increases.

Police and city work to cut back on copper thefts

WACO -- Waco City Council is trying to crack down on copper thefts in the city. Fox 44 has reported on several copper thefts in Central Texas.

Teen gains six more counts after being arrested

WACO -- A teen received six more charges to his sentence after being arrested for public intoxication. 17-year-old Bobby Ray Tollison verbally threatened five jailers and one police officer.

Woman charged with smothering baby relinquishes parental rights

WACO -- The young mother convicted of smothering her baby voluntarily relinquished her parental rights Tuesday. 18-year-old Shantaniqua Scott tearfully signed away her right as mother of her 15 month old son.

Waco woman dead traffic crash

WACO -- A 64-year-old Waco woman is dead after a fiery crash Tuesday afternoon at Bosque and New Rd. It happened just before noon.

FDA makes new sunscreen rules

WACO -- As people are heading to the pools to get in on the summer fun, for doctors like Tom Harris at Texas Oncology, that means preventing sunburn.

Cattle sales increase good for buyers

WACO -- Waco Livestock has seen more cattle coming through the auction in recent weeks. Jody Thomas, owner of the Waco Livestock, said he has seen that the numbers in cattle have gone up.

New law gives teachers access to students' criminal past

WACO -- Juvenile criminal records are usually always closed, but now a new bill passed by Gov. Perry means teachers can have access to criminal histories of their students.

Killeen offers cash reward to catch burglars

KILLEEN -- Police in Killeen are searching for two men who burglarized a vehicle and used the victims debit cards.

Half-dressed woman in Harker Heights claimed she was raped

HARKER HEIGHTS -- Police in Harker Heights are investigating after a half dressed woman walked into an auto zone and claimed she had been raped.