Police still search for stuffed animal vendor robbery

WACO -- Police are still searching for a man who held up a stuffed animal vendor in Waco Sunday afternoon.

Trial starts for man charged in multiple bank robberies

WACO -- The second man charged in a string of bank robberies back in 2010 began trial this morning in Federal court in Waco.

One local organization is asking for school supply donations

COLLEGE STATION -- School starts Monday for both Bryan and College Station and there are still thousands of kids in the area without basic school necessities.

Man arrested for stealing bait bike

COLLEGE STATION -- An unchained mountain bike left as bait tempted one Bryan man to steal it out of a home's front yard early Thursday morning on Boyett Street, landing himself in jail.

Decreasing gas prices

BRYAN -- Gas prices have been all over the map lately and while none of us enjoyed paying almost $4 a gallon earlier this summer, it seems like things are finally turning around in a cheaper direction.

Rain may cause more damage to house foundations

WACO -- Cracks, breaks and uneven surfaces; we've seen the drought's effect on foundations all over Central Texas. So it would seem the thing to make it all better would be rain, right?

Waco man sentenced to 60 years in prison

WACO -- 28-year-old Robert Worley Jr. has been sentenced to 60 years in prison after robbing a 75-year-old woman at gunpoint.

Wanted Waco man caught in Alabama

U.S. Marshals arrested Waco resident Tomas Ramirez, 35, in Birmingham, Alabama on July 28 on seven counts of aggravated sexual assault.

Bearing the heat when you're pregnant

WACO -- A woman's body changes drastically during pregnancy but as the heat intensifies so do the risks.

Graphic images on cigarette packs, FDA sued

The FDA has mandated that all cigarette companies put new graphic labels on their packs. But some say the addiction will keep smokers buying, no matter what is on the packaging.