Former Waco Civic Theatre manager sentenced

The former Waco Civic Theatre manager has been sentenced to home confinement for 6 months, and 3 years probation. Officials say Jennifer Mitchell stole money from the theatre where she worked. They say Mitchell also forged the signature of a th

White House: Fast Action on Doc Malpractice Reform

Republicans have signaled that the president will have to take concrete steps toward reining in runaway trial costs before winning their support on health care reform

Police searching for 3 in McDonald's robbery

Police are still searching for three men who allegedly robbed a local McDonald's Tuesday night. They say, the three men pulled up in an SUV, pulled out a gun, and took an unkown amount of cash. It's the third incident in a string of robberies

Yale Student Disappears Days Before Her Wedding

A 24-year-old graduate student at Yale University's School of Medicine vanished days before her wedding and has been declared missing by campus police.

New Photos of Sept. 11 Mastermind May Inspire Attacks

The photographs, taken in July by the Red Cross at the detention center on a U.S.

Mexican Airplane Hijacked Out of Cancun

A Mexican airplane has been hijacked in Cancun and flown to the airport in Mexico City, according to local media reports.

Dangerous Pedophile Clusters Shelter Sex Offenders

When police raided the home of convicted sex offender Philip Garrido and freed Jaycee Lee Dugard, a girl who'd been kidnapped 18 years earlier, they were astounded to learn that more than 100 other sex offenders lived is the same area.

President Obama reaches out to America's kids

"Do your homework! No excuses! It's what you owe yourself." This is the tough-love message President Obama is delivering to children as the school year starts. The President went to a school in the Washington D.C.

CDC Predicts Increase in H1N1 as More Schools Open

Don’t let your guard down. That’s the message from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention when it comes to the H1N1 virus.

Obama Relying on ObamaTo Revive Health Care Reform

Obama places health reform push on his own shoulders as he prepares for speech to joint session of Congress tomorrow night | COMPLETE COVERAGE