Watchdog: Small banks struggling despite bailouts

WASHINGTON – To the list of economic woes squeezing small banks, add another one: government bailouts.

Sexual Assault charges dropped against former Robinson officer

Sex charges against a former Robinson cop were dropped by prosecutors Tuesday. 33-year-old Jeremiah Beavers was arrested in 2007 after he allegedly sexually assaulted a 30-year-old woman.

'The Hills' fans lament end of MTV reality series

LOS ANGELES - "The Hills," the landmark reality soap that cemented Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag and their pals as tabloid superstarlets, died Tuesday at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. It was 4.

Murderer asking for new appeal

Convicted murderer Darlene Gentry wants a new judge to consider her appeal.

Cleveland QB makes a stop in Temple

Rookie football star Colt McCoy visited Temple on Tuesday. The former University of Texas quarterback helped kick off the fundraising campaign for a new children's hospital.

Bomb blows up in Houston woman's face

A small bomb sent to a woman and disguised in a box of chocolates in Houston blew up.

Austin man suing city of Waco

An Austin man is suing the city of Waco for demolishing a home he was renovating two years ago. Greg Daniels says he bought the house on West Avenue in 1998.

Prayer and pledge now required at council meetings

A new ordinance involving prayer recently passed the Waco City Council. The new measure will have a prayer and the pledge of allegiance said before every meeting.

Sales tax revenue on an upswing

The city of Waco is seeing an economic upturn this month. Sales tax revenue is up $100,000 more this year than last. Sales revenue in Texas is up 2% from last year.

Spill projected to reach Texas sooner than expected

Texas officials have shrugged off the discovery of British Petroleum tar balls on the coast near Galveston, claiming its natural for oil to show up this time of year.