10-year anniversary of bonfire collapse

Today marks the 10 year anniversary of the deadly bonfire collapse at Texas A&M in College Station. The deadly fire killed 12 and injured 27 when the log pile collapsed. The bonfire still exists, but now takes place off-campus.

Council planning fence height proposal

WACO — The Waco City Council is considering a proposal tonight that will limit the height of new front yard fences. Officials say the plan recommends lowering the height from six feet to four feet. The goal of the plan is to make the neig

Record postings in foreclosure numbers

WACO - Mclennan County will post a record number of foreclosures for the year at 1,387 properties. This breaks last year's foreclosure record of 1,110 postings. However, RealtyTrac Inc.

Deadly plane crash in Burnet

BURNET - A small single engine plane crash in Burnet has claimed the life of a pilot. The accident happened only one mile from the Burnet airport. The pilot was enroute to Spicewood, Texas.

Bears hooked by Longhorns

WACO — The Baylor Bears fell hard to the Texas Longhorns this weekend at Floyd Casey Stadium, losing 47 to 14. The Waco Tribune reports the Bears can still be bowl eligible if they win their final two regular season games.

Obama to China: stop censorship

BEIJING – President Barack Obama pointedly nudged China on Monday to stop censoring Internet access, offering an animated defense of the tool that helped him win the White House and suggesting Beijing need not fear a little criticism. The presiden

Baylor alumni will not partake in graduation

WACO — The Baylor Alumni Association will not be apart of December graduation ceremonies at the school. Traditionally at graduation, the alumni association presents awards to notable alumni and give a speech to students asking them to remain

DEA busts drug trafficking ring

WACO — Sentencing was handed out to eight of the 12 people who admitted to operating an expansive drug trafficking industry. The operation reportedly brought in 25 million dollars worth of cocaine each month to Waco for nine years. The Wa

Cheap lofts at historic location

WACO — Downtown living in Waco is about to get cheaper. The soon to open historic lofts at Waco High will offer lower income housing in a historic location. Developers say rent will range from 204 to 600 dollars a month and the units will