Man pleads guilty to robbery charges

WACO -- Today a Waco man sentenced to prison after pleading guilty to robbery charges. 25-year-old Kevin Berry received two 40-month sentences for two counts of robbery.

30 more indicted in food stamp fraud case

WACO -- More people are indicted in the local food stamp fraud case we've been following. 30 people were indicted on charges for illegal use of food stamp cards at a Waco Pizzeria.

Waco mom beat, burned children indicted

WACO -- A Waco woman is indicted for beating and burning her children.

Local man charged with sexually assaulting young girl

WACO -- A Central Texas man is now accused of sexually assaulting a young girl repeatedly over two years.

New law preventing funding to women's health program in effect

WACO -- A new law is now in place forbidding taxpayer money from funding clinics connected to abortion-related services.

South African Switch scam continues in Waco

WACO -- It's what police call the South African Switch scam, and before you know what's happening, you're handing over thousands of dollars to a person you just met in exchange for what you think is a bag full of money.

Brazos County detention officer arrested

BRAZOS COUNTY -- A bizarre story tonight of a Brazos County detention officer lying to cover-up an on-going criminal investigation involving an inmate who she also happened to have an intimate relationship with.

College Station Police searching for robbery suspect

COLLEGE STATION -- A second armed robbery in College Station in one week and police are still looking for the man who did it.

Local neighborhood to determine progressive use of vacant lot

WACO -- An empty lot where Sanger Avenue Elementary School once stood is now at the forefront of a new movement.

Hotel guest robbed at gunpoint in Waco

A Waco hotel guest was robbed at gunpoint late Tuesday night. The 45-year old victim claims he had his door open trying to keep cool at around 11:14 p.m., when a man entered his room.