Baylor alumni will not partake in graduation

WACO — The Baylor Alumni Association will not be apart of December graduation ceremonies at the school. Traditionally at graduation, the alumni association presents awards to notable alumni and give a speech to students asking them to remain

DEA busts drug trafficking ring

WACO — Sentencing was handed out to eight of the 12 people who admitted to operating an expansive drug trafficking industry. The operation reportedly brought in 25 million dollars worth of cocaine each month to Waco for nine years. The Wa

Cheap lofts at historic location

WACO — Downtown living in Waco is about to get cheaper. The soon to open historic lofts at Waco High will offer lower income housing in a historic location. Developers say rent will range from 204 to 600 dollars a month and the units will

'No easy way out' for Dems on abortion

WASHINGTON - The sudden spasm of intense debate over abortion on Capitol Hill this week threatens not only to stall the passage of health care legislation, but also to shatter the delicate cease-fire that has governed the abortion issue during the Ob

Officers injured in scrap with wanted man

WACO — Two officers were injured by Jose Lopez, a man trying to renew his license at the DMV. The officers tried to arrest him after a warrant check showed the man was wanted on a robbery charge. One sergeant with the DMV did require medi

Hasan Charged With 13 Counts Premeditated Murder

Army psychiatrist Major Nidal Hasan was charged Thursday with 13 counts of premeditated murder in last week's Fort Hood mass shootings.

Bug Evidence May Help FBI with Ohio Multiple Murder Case

The curator of invertebrate zoology at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History hopes 'bug evidence' – from pupae, larvae, eggs and adult blowflies — may help solve a multiple murder case in Ohio.

Fort Hood tightening security

KILLEEN — Fort Hood officials are amping up security at the post. Since the shooting on Thursday, the post has closed off to the public and security for the memorial yesterday was even tighter with the president attending. Before the

5 Family Members Charged in Missouri Child Sex Case

Five men from the same family are in custody in a stunning child sex crimes case in Missouri — and cadaver dogs are now being used in a hunt for victims' bodies, reports.