Shots fired at Killeen club

WACO — Shots rang out once again at the Junction 45 nightclub in Killeen. Police say this was not the first time shots have been fired at the club.

Plane forced to emergency land

WACO— A cummuter jet landed safely in College Station after smoke was reported in the cockpit. ExpressJet Airlines spokeswoman Kristy Nichols says the flight left Houston's Bush Intercontinental Airport about 2 p.m.

USS New York Makes Trip From New Orleans to N.Y.

The USS New York is heading to its namesake city on its maiden voyage Tuesday morning.

Plan B for Iran? U.S. Speeds Delivery of Bunker-Buster

Pentagon officials acknowledge the largest non-atomic bomb is intended to blow up nuke sites like those in Iran

Sharpton, Jackson Attack Limbaugh's Rams Bid

The Revs. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson attacked the bid by Rush Limbaugh to buy the St.

Florida to Seek Death for 4 in Murder of Couple

Prosecutors said Monday they will seek the death penalty for four of eight people charged in the killings of a Panhandle couple known for adopting children with autism, Down syndrome and other special needs.

Man leads police on long car chase

DALLAS— Police ended a long car chase Friday, when they spun the suspect's truck off the road. The man led police on a multicounty chase that lasted two hours and ended south of Corsicana. Police Chief Spindle says they kept up the chase

Police cracking down on cell phones

WACO— Waco Police Department is cracking down on the new cell phone ban in school zones. The law states drivers using a cell phone in a school zone during school hours will be ticketed. The law does include a few exceptions: a hands-free

British Government to Sell Assets to Help Pay Off Debt

In a bold effort to help pay down government debt, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced a major sale of state and public assets on Monday, Times of London reported.

Scout, 6, Suspended for Bringing Camping Utensil to School

Zachary Christie was so excited to become a Cub Scout that he brought his camping utensil — a knife-fork-spoon combination tool — to school.