Scorching temperatures can cause heat related illnesses

COLLEGE STATION -- Texans are all too familiar with the heat but this summer is proving to be hotter than normal. And if you don't take precautions before you head outside, the heat just may get to you.

College Station car accident leaves woman in hospital

COLLEGE STATION -- A major accident in College Station has left a woman in the hospital tonight. The accident took place this morning at the intersections of Texas Avenue and Manuel Drive.

Vanhoose senteneced in intoxication manslaughter case

BRAZOS COUNTY -- A man charged with intoxication manslaughter receives a three year sentence in jail.

Texas Engineering Extension Service hosts 45th Spanish firefighter training program

COLLEGE STATION -- As if this heat isn't sweltering enough, imagine wearing more than 50 pounds of heavy gear in the blistering sun.

Shooting suspect arrested in Bell County

WACO -- A Waco man is under arrest in connection with a shooting in Temple earlier this month. 24-year-old William Henry Hamilton was arrested Tuesday for allegedly shooting a man in Temple on July 6.

College Station job cuts not just about saving money

COLLEGE STATION -- Some people will soon be without jobs, as the city of College Station announces they are cutting 27 positions to save almost $1.5 million. Now of the 27 cut, only 11 positions are currently being filled.

Disaster documentary shown to local leaders

WACO -- This afternoon community leaders got a lesson on how to prepare for the effects of natural disasters.

Construction workers bear the heat

WACO -- Extreme heat and soaring temperatures are just part of the job in the field of construction, but to local workers these are some of the worst conditions they've ever experienced.

Waco man spits on officers during arrest

Waco Officers responded to a possible robbery Wednesday night at 7:15 p.m. in the 2700 block of South 14th Street .

UPDATE: Woman's death in Bosque park ruled murder

The death of Maria Victoria Serna has been ruled a murder. Preliminary autopsy results show she was killed by a gunshot wound to the head.