Officials arrest last of four home invasion suspects

WACO - Four Waco residents are out on bond in connection with a home invasion robbery back in December. Officials arrested Clinton Tynes Monday at the Town Oaks Apartments on Sanger Avenue.

Fire destroys family's home

WACO - A fire Monday morning sent five people to the hospital and displaced a family of six in north Waco. Fire investigators say the fire started because of items being placed too close to a space heater. The Waco Tribune reports firefighters

Shooting at capital building, one arrested

AUSTIN - Shots were fired Thursday at the Texas state capital in Austin. Officials believe 24-year-old Fausto Cardenas acted alone. Cardenas is from the Houston area.

Saints march on to Miami

NEW ORLEANS - The New Orleans Saints will head to the Super Bowl for the first time ever in franchise history after an overtime win over the Vikings Sunday night. They will meet the Indianapolis Colts who defeated the New York Jets over on Sunday

Former Waco Minister sentenced to prison

WACO—Former Waco Baptist Minister Matt Baker will spend 65 years in prison for the drugging and suffocation death of his wife. He'll be 70 years old before he's eligible for parole.

Shots fired at capitol building in Austin, one in custody

AUSTIN - Police say gunshots were fired on the south steps of the Texas Capitol Building this afternoon. More than half a dozen Texas Department of Public Safety cars descended on the capitol and officers carrying rifles surrounded the building.

Former minister found guilty of murder

WACO - Former Waco Baptist minister Matt Baker was found guilty of first degree murder Wednesday for the death of his 32 year-old wife, Kari. Baker never took the stand before the defense rested. Sentencing is scheduled for today.

Medina makes second debate

GOP Texas Governor's candidate Debra Medina is now in the second debate. Medina is running along with Governor Rick Oerry and Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. The January 29th debate sponsored by some Texas television stations and the Dallas Morn

Religion and medicine seperate at Baylor

Officials at the Baylor College of Medicine say the school will remain its independence if allied with Baylor University. Opponents of the idea say they want to keep medicine and the religious ideal of the university separate.

Dallas group ships out to help Haiti

TEXAS - Doctors from the Lone Star State ship out to bring much-needed medical supplies to Haiti. The group from Forest Park Medical Center left North Texas early Sunday morning bound for Port-au-Prince. The trip was organized through the ancie