90th annual Waco Veterans Day Parade

This year the annual Veterans Day Parade in downtown Waco was the largest it's been since it started. About 3,000 participants marched from 13th Street down Austin Avenue to Waco City Hall.

EPA issues first Texas greenhouse gas permit

WACO -- The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued its first Texas greenhouse gas permit yesterday to a power plant in Llano County.

A local group commits to hiring more veterans

WACO -- Through it's seven franchise brands the Waco based Dwyer Group has pledged to hiring 300 veterans over the next three years.

New study suggests Acetaminophen links to asthma

WACO -- Acetaminophen, most often referred to as "Tylenol," has long been considered one of the safest over-the-counter medications when your headache or fever strikes.

Marine Corps celebrates 236th birthday

WASHINGTON — Before the United States was born, there was a Marine Corps. For the last 236 years Marines have fought tirelessly to preserve the freedom of the United States and the traditions of the Corps.

Juvenile charged with murdering 16-year old

Killeen Police have arrested a 16-year boy who was involved in an early morning shooting death shortly after midnight.

Region 12 GEAR's UP with $21 million

The Region 12 Education Service Center in Waco received $21 million for a new program to help students get accepted into college.

Food donations in memory of murdered firefighter

In memory of the tragic death of a fellow fire fighter, the Waco Fire Department is helping collect food this holiday season.

Farmers await 2012 Farm Bill

WACO -- Farmers have been waiting to see the new version of the farm bill and the main thing they are worried about -- crop insurance.

St. Joseph announces it won't renew contract with Scott and White

BRYAN -- If you have Scott and White insurance, heads up. St. Joseph's Hospital will no longer be an in-network provider so some patients may need to find a new healthcare plan.