Car crash Sunday morning kills one

NAVASOTA -- A car crash early Sunday morning killed a Plantersville man.

Chances of Central Texans feeling an earthquake

The earthquakes in North and South Texas have not been deadly, but they were a surprise. Now Central Texans can't help but wonder...are we next?

Fleas and ticks still bug your pets during winter

WACO -- Even with the weather cooling off parasites can still bug your pets.

Fire safety tips for hunters to keep in mind

WACO -- Hunting season is underway but with cold weather and dry ground hunters should use caution with more than just firearms.

Technology mandatory to graduate high school

WACO -- Technology is everywhere... in our schools, offices and homes. But should it be mandatory to graduate? The Idaho Board of Education says, yes.

New sentencing guidelines could have several inmates out early

WACO -- Thanks to new sentencing guidelines, prison doors will be opening early for thousands of inmates convicted of crack cocaine charges.

Coat sale to take place Saturday, November 5th

BRYAN -- The cold weather has arrived, at least for now. So you probably grabbed your coat before walking out the door this morning but not everyone has that luxury. So, a Bryan organization is hosting a coat sale.

City of Bryan signs contract to purchase Briarcrest

BRYAN -- For months the city of Bryan has been contemplating the idea of selling the Travis B. Bryan Municipal Golf Course and now the city is one step closer to making that move.

86 central Texans arrested in sex offender roundup

CENTRAL TEXAS -- Nearly 90 central Texas residents have been arrested during a 10-week operation that concluded today.

Baylor Regents approve $120 million for capital improvements

WACO -- Today Baylor University Regents approved $120 million toward capital improvements throughout campus. This is the largest investment in campus construction in seven years.