Update: Police looking for Killeen suspect wanted for murder

The man believed to have killed Killeen man, Lynn Wilford, is Mario Lamont Lewis. Lynn Wilford was killed after a shooting spree on Saturday, where another man was also killed.

Wisconsin union protests hit home in Waco

WACO -- Protests over union troubles in Wisconsin have spilled over into Waco. Wisconsin's Governor is proposing the union give up their bargaining rights to make up for budget cuts.

Waco man charged with possession of child pornography

WACO -- A Waco man has been charged with eight counts of possession of child pornography, and it's not the first time something like this has happened to him.

Tougher accountability testing in schools despite budget cuts

WEST -- Texas schools are tightening belts to deal with the state's $15 billion dollar shortfall.

Handguns on campus, mixed opinions

Half the Texas house seems to believe that handguns on campus would be a good thing, but Baylor University officials don't agree.

Ft. Hood soldier faces additional child abduction charges

WACO - More charges are being brought against a Ft. Hood soldier who is already in Bell County Jail for child abduction.

Hispanic community in McLennan County accounts for 80 percent of population growth

WACO -- New census data shows Waco and McLennan County are growing, and most of that growth comes from the Hispanic community.

Authorities identify human remains in Bellmead

BELLMEAD -- Authorities have now confirmed the bones found in Bellmead were those of 56-year-old Bertram Britton. This after Britton's name was released before authorities were positive it was him.

Providence Health Center delivers 1,000 cord blood donations

Umbilical cord blood can be used to treat certain cancers and deadly blood disorders. The blood can be easily donated after a healthy baby is born.

Two Killeen people killed only a couple hours apart

Two people were killed in Killeen on Saturday, in two separate shooting incidents.