U.N. Refugee Budget Explodes, Costing U.S. Millions

The United Nations' refugee agency is seeing a booming budget — mostly covered by the U.S. — as the number of refugees stays the same.

Northwest Jet That Missed Airport Out of Touch for 3 Hours

The Northwest Airlines plane that flew 150 miles past the Minneapolis airport was out of contact with air traffic control for about three hours, not an hour as originally reported, sources told Fox News.

Robinson woman fakes cancer

ROBINSON — A Robinson woman, Trista Lathern, allegedly lied about having cancer to get money for breast implants. Authorities say Trista Lathern claimed she had breast cancer even going so far as to shave her head to give the illusion she wa

Space Tourism a Reality by 2012

The latest trend in eco-tourism is completely out of this world ... and right around the corner

Patients Sue for Right to Buy Life-Saving Bone Marrow

Thousands of Americans are on waiting lists for bone marrow donations, and some are willing to pay for the life-saving substance.

Yankees Win 27th World Series Crown

The New York Yankees have won the World Series, beating the defending champion Philadelphia Phillies 7-3 in Game 6 behind Hideki Matsui's record-tying six RBIs.

Sex Offender Supervision Blasted in Dugard Case

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation failed to properly supervise convicted rapist Phillip Garrido and missed opportunities to discover the alleged kidnapping victim, Jaycee Dugard, held for 18 years.

City alters smoking ban

WACO — City smoking ordinances will be tighter after a vote by the Waco City Council last night. The new restrictions will remove exemptions in the current ordinance and it will prohibit smoking in new bars, but not in old ones. City