Waco ISD could lose 200 employees

WACO -- The budget shortfall hit home Friday. Lawmakers still haven't made a decision on school funding, but Texas schools are forced to make an early decision on cuts with an April 18 deadline.

Possible hostage situation ends peacefully

COLLEGE STATION -- Police in College Station were battling what they thought was a hostage situation Thursday night. It turned out to be a standoff between a SWAT team and two people with warrants out for their arrest.

Former Rosebud Chief of Police could face felony charges

The former Rosebud Chief of Police was convicted last night for either tampering with evidence, or lying to police.

Government shutdown breakdown

It can be difficult to understand all the rumors surrounding a government shutdown. KWKT contacted Congressman Louie Gohmert's office to seperate fact from fiction.

Local organizations host event’s to honor victims of crime.

National Crime Victims’ Rights Week begins April 10-16, 2011. A local committee has organized different events for the week in McLennan County to show a celebration of compassion and justice for Crime Victims.

No bill in place to avoid a government shutdown

Republicans have filed a bill for a one week budget extension, but opponents say they won't agree to it. President Obama has said before that he won't accept an extension, and will veto it.

Tina Fey pregnant with second child

People.com is reporting Tina Fey is keeping a secret.. She's got a bun in the oven! Fey said she is five months pregnant during a taping of Oprah on Wednesday.

New bill gives Department of Transportation power to raise the speed limit

The Texas House has approved a bill to give the Department of Transportation the power to raise the speed limit to 85-miles per hour.

Career service providers give advice to college students about employment

With only one month to go until graduation, many students are still scrambling to find a job. However, one study shows employers are hiring nearly 14 percent more graduates this year.

Farmers and consumers fill effects as gas prices rise

WACO -- When gas prices rise, so does everything else. Texas Farm Bureau says farmers and consumers are feeling the pinch.