Large cat terrorizing Texas town

A wild cat is on the loose in a Texas neighborhood. People say an ocelot has been roaming the streets and killing their pets in Baytown.

Supreme Court to hear case involving Waco convict

The U.S. Supreme Court agreed Wednesday to hear a complaint from a convicted murderer in Waco.

Baylor Physics headed to Switzerland

The Baylor physics department has recently joined the compact Muon Solenoid research team. The team will travel to Geneva, Switzerland, home of the largest particle accelerator in the world.

Hillsboro woman gets life in prison

33-year-old Debra Jeter of Hillsboro pleaded guilty to capital murder. Reports say Jeter slashed the throat of one of her daughters and stabbed the other multiple times in the back.

Texas Gulf Coast could see boom in tourism

While the rest of the Gulf Coast is looking at a massive loss in revenues stemming from the spill, Texas tourism could see a boom.

Police arrest Robinson martial arts instructor

A martial arts teacher from Robinson is behind bars for allegedly sexually assaulting one of his students. Police say they arrested Danny Passmore Friday.

Leaders meet at wind energy convention

Over 20,000 business leaders and government officials from around the world are attending a four-day conference in Dallas on wind energy.

White House eyes a compromise on gays in military

WASHINGTON – A proposal to step up the repeal of the ban on gays and lesbians serving openly in the military but still allow the Pentagon time — perhaps even years — to implement new policies was being discussed Monday by admi

Police arrest two for alleged murder

Police arrested two people they believe to be behind the murder of a Waco Taco Bell employee. James Christianson Jr. and Jennifer alvarez were arrested Thursday.

7 Houston teachers under investigation for TAKS cheating

Seven teachers at a Houston Elementary School have been suspended for allegations of tampering with the TAKS test. The school district found multiple test answers changed on the standardized tests.