Abuse Center sees rise in violence

WACO - The Family Abuse Center says they have been much busier since the economy took a dive two years ago. They say the demand for help has increased by 52% since 2007. Workers say the increased financial burden has triggered a spike in domest

Oil could head to Texas shores

Reports show the oil in the Gulf could end up heading towards Texas. British Petroleum officials are currently trying to find new ways to contain the oil. In the meantime, officials say the spill is moving further to the west. About 5,000 ga

Commissioners consider adding allegiance and prayer to meetings

WACO - McLennan County Commissioners are considering adding the pledge of allegiance into their meetings. Also in consideration, closing their meetings with prayer. No final decision has been made.

National Guard continues to stave off oil

National Guard members in the Saint Bernard Parish, Louisiana continue to help try and contain the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The parish currently remains in defense mode trying to protect the shoreline at Shell Beach, Hopedale and Delacroix

Elderly man allegedly robs woman at knifepoint

WACO - An elderly man is behind bars after allegedly robbing a woman at knifepoint and trying to sexually assault her. Police say they arrested the 61-year-old Harold Jefferson Saturday. Officials say the woman knew Jefferson before the attack.

Baylor Student under investigation

WACO — A Baylor student is under investigation for a drug and money laundering scheme with prison inmates. Police suspect 22 year-old Natalie Johnson of supplying drugs to inmates from her apartment off James Avenue. Johnson was scheduled

Pakistan says NY suspect probably didn't act alone

KARACHI/BEIJING (Reuters) – Pakistan said on Thursday it was unlikely a Pakistani-American arrested over a failed plot to bomb New York's Times Square had acted alone. Investigations in Pakistan had uncovered possible links between the suspect, Fa

Fire causes power outage in East Waco

WACO - A fire at an electrical substation cut power to thousands of East Waco residents. The fire was put out but left an estimated 7,800 people without electricity and some stop-lights blinking around town.

Waco City Council votes in favor of red light cameras

WACO - The Waco City Council decided Tuesday to move forward with installing red light cameras. Officials say they want the cameras at several dangerous intersections in town. Those in favor say they will keep Waco safe for a much cheaper price

Houston man pleads guilty to 5 counts intoxication manslaughter

A Houston man pleaded guilty to five counts of intoxication manslaughter. The plea came just before his trial was set to start. Chanton Jenkins was driving drunk and using his cell phone in April 2009, when he lost control of his car. Five c