Man dies in 18-wheeler accident near Gatesville

An Austin man died Tuesday morning near Gatesville after his 18-wheeler pinned him against a gate.

Bryan police department receives Step grant

The Bryan Police Department has been approved to receive a Selective Traffic Enforcement Program for $40,000 from the Texas Department of Transportation.

Meeting to discuss high speed rail line held in Bryan

There are plans for a new high speed rail line that will get you from Houston to Dallas in less than ninety minutes.

Google searching for cancer cure

Google is searching for a cancer cure. The company announced Tuesday that it is experimenting with designing nanoparticles that would detect cancer and other diseases before their onset.

High school student narrowly escapes attempted abduction

 A Gatesville teenager narrowly escaped an abduction after a man tried to lure her into his car on Tuesday morning. Police were sent to the intersection of Jackson Drive and 26th street shortly before 7:40 a.m.

Nurse Amber Vinson Ebola-free, discharged from hospital

A second Dallas nurse who contracted Ebola is being released Tuesday from an Atlanta hospital and is free of the virus, according to Emory University Hospital's Dr. Bruce Ribner.

Saving space in Israel with cemeteries in the sky

With a tiny land mass relative to its 8.2 million residents, the state of Israel is running out of room to bury its dead. So it's joining an unconventional trend led by other densely packed areas: Instead of burying the dead below the earth, it'

China catches 2,440 cheating students in high-tech scam

HONG KONG (CNN) -- Full marks for ingenuity. Some 2,440 Chinese students taking a national exam have been caught using high-tech cheating gear that wouldn't be out of place in a spy film. According to state media, invigilators detected abnormal

100-year-old notebook from Scott's last Antarctic expedition found frozen in ice

Explorer Robert Falcon Scott died in 1912 while crossing Antarctica, but his story lives on in artifacts that continue to be discovered on the frozen continent at the bottom of the world. The most recent find: A century-old photographer's notebo

Walmart apologizes for 'fat girl' costumes

Walmart found itself sending apology tweet after apology tweet Monday after the Twitterverse raked it over the coals for a major goof on its website.