Mother needing to breastfeed charged with contempt of court

Lee's Summit (KCTV) -- Jury duty isn't most people's favorite thing, but imagine getting the summons while being a new mother and unable to leave the baby. That was the case for a Lee's Summit woman whose stand is landing her a court date of her o

Pentagon employee, 92, is back after shutdown, but job is on shaky ground

When the government shutdown ended and thousands of civilians came back to work at the Pentagon, one employee's return wasn't surprising at all -- he's been coming to work for 40 years. Andrew Marshall is 92 -- yes, 92 years old, born in 1921.

WACO PD: Prescription drug 'take-back'

The Waco Police Department is participating in the DEA Drug Take-Back Initiative that allows for collection of medications that are no longer needed or wanted.

Coincidence or trend? Second oarfish washes ashore in California

Marine biologists have a mystery to solve: Why have the carcasses of two rare oarfish washed up on Southern California shores within a week? Sightings of the huge deep-sea creatures -- dead or alive -- are unusual, because they typically swim thou

Obama in weekly address: Frustration with Washington understandable

President Obama used his weekly address on Saturday to once again address Americans' frustration with policymakers in Washington, saying, not for the first time, that "there were no winners" in the protracted conflicts over the de

5 things that have happened since Obamacare launched

Obamacare has survived a Supreme Court appeal, a government shutdown and ongoing challenges by opposing politicians. With few exceptions, every American must have health insurance by March 31 or pay a penalty fee.

Tall, white Stetsons; humorous truisms: Football coach Bum Phillips dies at 90

A Texas white hat crossed through the pearly gates Friday. "Bum" Phillips, the former NFL football coach, who led the Houston Oilers to glory and struggled with the New Orleans Saints, died at age 90.

DoD Identifies Army Casualty

The Department of Defense announced the death of a soldier who was supporting Operation Enduring Freedom.

A history of fright: Why we love haunted houses

When we look for fun things to do for Halloween, haunted houses are inevitably part of the list. With their costumed players, spooky music and darkened rooms, they present a great way to get the daylights scared out of you.