Debunking 4 Obamacare myths: Both sides get it wrong

For four years, we've witnessed a non-stop political brawl over Obamacare. Now rhetoric has again reached a fever pitch since the botched October 1 launch of the new insurance exchanges at the heart of President Barack Obama's signature health car

Obamacare website goes dark for nightly fix-it work

Insomniacs and chronic wee-hour shoppers: Take shopping for Obamacare insurance on the federally run website off your overnight shopping lists -- at least for a while. The part of the problem-plagued website that allows people to ap

Neighbors say woman lived in home with ex husband's body for a week after murder

PORT ARTHUR (KBMT) -- Neighbors say a 59-year-old woman charged with murder in the stabbing death of her ex-husband, stayed in his house with the body for a week before the death was discovered. Investigators believe Gayle Annette Waller stabbed D

Traveling Vietnam vet passes through Central Texas

Lance Robinson is a Vietnam veteran from Pennsylvania. He is trekking across the country and honoring first responders along the way. This week he’s traveling across the Waco and Temple area.

Elderly man scammed out of 'large sum of money'

Waco Police are once again warning citizens of a scam that leaves the gullible with potential losses in the thousands of dollars. On Friday, two men approached a 73-old-man about a charity for an African mission church.

Police: man pulls gun on Northgate employee

A Northgate employee is held at gunpoint after an unhappy bar patron gets kicked out.

Man arrested for assaulting police officer

An outraged husband shatters his wife's car windows and authorities say that's not the only thing he tried to smash.

Girls in the U.S. hitting puberty much earlier than their mothers and grandmothers

Girls in the United States hitting puberty at a much younger age than their mothers or grandmothers did. Scientists are always looking for reasons, and one of those seems to be weight.

Holiday mail for heroes

With the holidays just around the corner many East Texans will be getting Christmas Cards ready to be sent out. While making those cards be sure to remember to send some to our heroes overseas.

Rights groups ask Supreme Court to block part of Texas abortion law

The next stop in a legal battle over a controversial new abortion law in Texas could be the U.S. Supreme Court.