Missouri bill would void federal gun laws, OK machine guns for residents

KEARNEY, Missouri (CNN) -- The Missouri state legislature is trying to accomplish something that's never been done: pass a law that'll not only let residents own a machine gun, but also arrest federal agents if they try to take it away. What's mor

Hurricane Humberto ruins shot at a 2013 record

Missed it by that much! In a year that forecasters said there would be a few more hurricanes than normal, Humberto on Wednesday fell just a few hours short of setting a record for the latest first hurricane to form in the Atlantic Ocean.

Lawmakers give mixed reactions to Syria speech

President Barack Obama's Syria speech Tuesday night drew a variety of political commentary ranging from mostly supportive to harsh criticism of the diplomatic pinball that has led to this point. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers, R

9/11 anniversary: 'Our hearts still ache,' Obama says

A bell tolled, ground zero fell silent.

Aggie Up striving to teach students and residents how to co-habitat

The Barracks Townhomes in College Station is primarily a student living complex but right next door is a permanent residential neighborhood and police say the close proximity can cause some issues.

Sales tax growing in Bryan, along with community

Bryan, Texas, is bustling with growth and opportunity, and it does not look like things are slowing down.

Man pleads guilty to tricking pregnant girlfriend into taking abortion pill

Remee Lee was elated when she became pregnant, but those feelings quickly turned into a nightmare that won't let go of her. Her boyfriend wasn't happy about the pregnancy, but it was Lee's dream to have a child.

Waco man faces 3 felony charges of child sex abuse

A Waco man is being held on $40,000 bond for three felony child sex abuse charges, following his arrest last Friday.  

TSTC student arrested on sexual assault charge

A Texas State Technical College student remains in jail on a $10,000 bond, following his arrest on Sunday.

If the NSA can hack your bank account, who else can?

Revelations that the National Security Agency can break through web site encryptions and access huge amounts of personal data has raised questions about how safe our day-to-day financial dealings really are.