Cold weather wreaks havoc on some Central Texas crops, hurts local economy

Cold weather is causing crops to die prematurely, in turn giving local farmers the blues. For farmers, crops are their livelihood, and damaged crops mean hindered income.

Officials: Cartels biggest threat to Texans

The Department of Public Safey has released the 2013 Texas Public Safety Threat Overview. The document is a state intelligence review that recognizes public safety threats to Texas.

Defense workers fret over 2-week furlough delay

WASHINGTON (CNNMoney) -- Furloughs are turning out to be a nail biter for Department of Defense federal workers.

Pope Francis to shun luxury papal apartment, for now

ROME (CNN) -- Pope Francis has decided not to move into the papal apartment used by Benedict XVI and others before him, preferring instead to stay in a simple suite at a Vatican hotel, a Vatican spokesman said. The papal apartment on the top floor

4-year-old boy found in New Jersey apartment with decomposing body

A 4-year-old boy was found alive but malnourished in a Union, New Jersey, apartment where police also discovered the decomposing body of a woman. Authorities revealed few details about the case, including whether the woman was the child's mother.

FBI investigates woman's death on cruise ship

The FBI is investigating the "suspicious" death of a woman on a cruise ship off the East Coast over the weekend.

Scientists come a step closer to invisibility cloak

Some scientists seem to take their cues from science fiction or fantasy novels.

Playing Hong Kong's dangerous game

Would you pay to be handcuffed and locked in a dark room?

Viagra: The little blue pill that could

Fifteen years ago, men who were suffering from impotence received a beacon of hope in the form of a little blue pill. Wednesday marks the 15th anniversary of Viagra's FDA approval in the United States.