Parents defend right to keep guns in the home

(CNN) -- Growing up in Louisiana and Texas in the home of a part-time deputy sheriff, guns were a constant presence in Robin's childhood. Her father's hunting rifles were not hidden in a safe but proudly displayed in a cabinet, she said.

Instagram backtracks on terms of service

(CNN) -- After days of intense backlash from users over changes to its terms of service and privacy policy, photo-sharing service Instagram has backtracked.

Facebook tests paid messages to strangers

(CNN) -- How much would you pay to contact a stranger? Facebook is sprucing up its messaging system, and the most interesting change is a move to charge people to send a message to someone outside their network.

Toyota Camry gets slammed in new crash test

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- America's most popular car fared poorly in a new crash test from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Give Thanks for Kids

December -- Children are precious, priceless gifts from God that ensure our world is always full of life, innocence, innovation and perpetuity. Doing what is needed to help save any child's life should be the mission of every adult.

Baylor selling engraved bricks for new stadium

Baylor’s new state-of-the-art football stadium won’t open until 2014, but the school is offering to sell you a piece right now.

Doomsday drinking: The end is beer

(CNN) -- The end of the world is just a day away, and as the crazies prepare for it by stockpiling canned goods and jugs of water, I'm more concerned about which beer I'm going to drink to celebrate the future.

LeAnn Rimes defends 'X Factor' performance

(CNN) -- LeAnn Rimes swung by "The X Factor" Wednesday night to duet with a young contestant, but the reaction hasn't been kind. The 30-year-old singer was tasked with performing a rendition of "How Do I Live Without You" with Carly Rose Sonenclar

Two men indicted for beating Robinson man to death

A Grand Jury has handed down indictments for two men charged with the July 11 murder of a Robinson man. Shane Tyler Sims, 28, of Hewitt and Joe Orlando Gutierrez, Jr., 29, were indicted for murder Wednesday. 

Capital murder trial set to happen in Williamson County

The trial of a capital murder suspect is set to take place out of town, in order to ensure a right and fair trial.