Man with first U.S. face transplant marries fellow burn victim

Horrific events brought them together. He was the first person to undergo a full face transplant in the United States after an electrical accident left him without a nose, eyes or lips.

CNN Chief White House Correspondent

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will deliver her first paid speech since leaving office last month in late April, according to a Democratic source close to Clinton.

Police wonder if New York couple was abducted

A woman screams. Men force her and a male companion into a minivan, which speeds away, witnesses say. Police are called. But then the real mystery begins: Who are these people, and why is there no missing persons report?

Massachusetts rapist's descent into violence still a mystery, friend says

The convicted rapist arrested last week in Gorham, Maine, after 34 years on the lam was a quiet, laid-back, hardworking, sweet young man whose lurch into violent behavior in his last year of high school remains a puzzle, according to a childhoo

As Supreme Court hears same-sex marriage arguments, some debate GOP stance

As the justices of the Supreme Court now contemplate two same-sex marriage cases, and national polls show growing support for allowing gays and lesbians to marry, a debate has broken out over whether Republican presidential candidates in 2016 w

Life and death on the Bounty

The tall-ship crew enjoyed a life of adventure -- until the Bounty went down in Hurricane Sandy. Two deaths in the disaster have sparked an inquiry.

At least 19 dead in Tanzania building collapse

Two more bodies were pulled Saturday from the rubble of a 16-story building that collapsed Friday in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, bringing the total to at least 19, an official said.

Mandela responding to treatment for pneumonia

Former South African President Nelson Mandela is breathing without difficulty in a hospital, where he is responding to treatment for pneumonia, the presidential spokesman said Saturday.

borg bugs and glow-in-the-dark cats: How we're engineering animals

A cyborg beetle or a pet fish engineered to glow under ultraviolet light might sound like something you'd see in a movie about the future. But if that's the case, then the future is here.

9/11 relatives seek to stop sifting of debris

Relatives of firefighters and others killed in the 9/11 attacks are urging New York state officials to step in and postpone the medical examiner's plans to sift through untouched debris for human remains.