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You know about the importance of regular dental visits, but if a dental phobia is keeping you from enjoying good oral health, it's time to talk to Waco sedation dentist Dr. Thrasher.

Sedation dentistry is the perfect choice for those who experience overwhelming dental anxiety because, with a range of options, you'll be completely relaxed and care-free throughout your next dental appointment.

Don't let your fear of the dentist stand in the way of your dental health. At Hillcrest Dental Care we believe that everyone deserves a bright, clean, natural-looking smile without worrying about the potential stress and pain of dental treatments.

We understand the needs of people who fear the dentist and do our best to help you feel at ease while you receive your much needed dental treatment.

When it comes to family dentistry in Waco it is important that you have a friendly and caring team of professionals caring for your family's dental needs.

At Hillcrest Dental Care, we are the team of dental professionals with the experience that you need caring for your family's teeth.

Michael T Thrasher, DDS is committed to maintaining a superior level of service at Hillcrest Dental Care by providing a variety of family dentistry services. Whether you are looking for routine cleanings or more complex dental procedures, Michael T Thrasher, DDS, and his staff are committed to providing you with the dental services that you need.

Sparkling, straight white teeth can change your life, both socially and professionally. If you have missing, damaged, stained or broken teeth, we have lots of experience with affordable, high-quality Lumineers™-like materials for veneers, tooth-colored composite fillings, natural-looking porcelain dental crowns and bridges and tooth bonding.

The results can be quick and dramatic. At Hillcrest Dental Care we're ready to schedule appointments at a time that's convenient for you and we offer a range of affordable payment options to fit your budget.

Now you can replace one or more damaged or missing teeth with Waco implant dentist Dr. Michael Thrasher. Modern dental implants look and function as if they were your own original teeth. Each replacement tooth can be permanently replaced, anchored into the jaw itself, offering a more natural alternative to a dental bridge or the need for dentures.

If you have a healthy strong jawbone and healthy gums, you are likely a great candidate for a tooth implant. During the procedure, the dentist inserts a metal anchor into the jawbone. The two fuse together to form a permanent bond. Later, an artificial tooth or crown is attached, leaving your smile looking 100% natural.

At Hillcrest Dental Care we know that many of our patients are concerned about the cost of dental implants. Please don't let that prevent you from considering this natural-looking, comfortable and permanent solution to damaged, diseased or missing teeth. Our friendly staff will be pleased to explain a wide range of affordable financial options to fit your budget.

Invisalign ® uses a series of clear, plastic aligners that let you enjoy the benefits of a corrected smile without the hassle of traditional metal braces. Waco orthodontics dentist Dr. Michael Thrasher is highly trained in fitting these easy, removable clear braces as an alternative to the unsightly "metal mouth" look of ordinary dental braces.

Now's the time to visit Hillcrest Dental Care for an initial evaluation to see if you're a candidate for these virtually invisible braces. If so, we provide you with a series of custom-fit appliances, each to be worn sequentially to gently straighten your smile. And, unlike traditional dental braces, these aligners may be easily removed for meals, brushing your teeth, and even for special events.

Want to learn more? Call our friendly staff at (254) 732-1470 or complete our simple online form to schedule a consultation. Our mission is to provide affordable, top-quality dental care to all our patients and we offer a range of financial options to help cover Invisalign cost.

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