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Mike Staas Services offers extensive plumbing and HVAC services including residential, commercial and industrial work as well as new construction projects. We are bonded and insured and offer reliable, professional service 365 days a year.

Plumbing - We are Bonded and InsuredMike Staas Services

Mike Staas Services is available 7 days a week with 24-Hour Emergency Service. Mike started plumbing right out of high school and comes from a family of plumbers. He went to APP/Plumbing school in Waco and started Mike Staas Services in 1995. All of plumbers are licensed with the state of Texas (all are qualified plumbing professionals in different plumbing areas) and we stand behind our work - 100%. That is why we only hire the most experienced plumbers and were recognized in the Wacoan as Best Plumber 2009 AND 2010.

A/C - We Service All Brands of Equipment

Our HVAC manager, Alan Uptmore, has been in the business for more than 40 years. Our HVAC department can "design build" for commercial or residential and has a state of the art Plasma Cutting machine on site. All of our technicians are licensed by the state of Texas and we were recognized as one of the best HVAC companies in the Wacoan 2010. We offer Mike's Comfort Club (fall & spring checks), service contracts (commercial & residential), and preventative maintenance contracts for commercial business.

Calcium deposits turning your shower head into dribble rather than shower....check out this quick-fix video.

Shower head stopping up with bad spray patterns, click on this video to learn how to fix this at home.

We all do it, we pay each year to have a sewer line unclogged because we're afraid of what it will cost for the "true" repair.

Changing you air filters on a regular, monthly basis saves you time and money in two ways.  First, regularly changing or cleaning your air conditioner's filter keeps it running properly and extends the life of the unit.

Our plasma cutter was purchased for AC/Heat duct construction. Shortly after receiving the cutter, we discovered we could use the plasma cutter to produce a variety of metal objects.

High electric bills have you overheated??...Here's one thing you can do today that will save you money in repairs and on your electric bill.

Big, bulky water heaters are becoming a dinosaur of the past. Today's new, gas, tankless water heaters offer MUCH, MUCH more than ever before.

Today's new and improved designs for sinks include a fast-becoming favorite in home decor, Vessel sinks. While adding beauty and functionality to your bathroom, they will make your mornings brighter.

(Family Features) Remodeling your kitchen can seem like a daunting task at first glance. You want your new space to function well for your needs, accommodate your lifestyle, and reflect your personal design style. But how to get started?

(Family Features) The change in seasons should bring about more than just a change of wardrobe.

(Family Features) Not everyone has the time or money to undergo a complete bathroom renovation, but there are some simple and cost effective ways to make your bathroom as good as new in a short amount of time, and at a fraction of the cost.

(Family Features) As America's economy strengthens, remodeling and home renovations are on the rise.

(Family Features) - Spas add extra comfort to homes, providing families with medical benefits and the opportunity to escape the outside hustle-and-bustle and relax in the soothing warm water.


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