Rennovations underway in downtown Waco

Tuesday, October 30, 2012 - 2:40pm

Old buildings, vacant lots, and lack of a sense of community have been the story for downtown Waco for decades.

However, in recent years, more business leaders and organizations are coming together to breathe new life into the city. The newly created Downtown Development Corporation (DDC) appointed its first Executive Director, Megan Henderson, this month. Henderson says the project’s completion depends on the help of everyone, coming together to make a difference. Parts of North Waco have already been renovated and are thriving.

"What I think we can expect that two years from now is that greater downtown will look very different than what it looks today. and, five and ten years from now, it will look even different from that," said Henderson.

Leaders say renovations are the spring board of long-term benefits, such as bringing the community together, creating a higher tax base, and building opportunities.

“[It] Brings people back in together. It creates a higher tax base and opportunities for people who really want the best of what cities have to offer,” said Jimmy Dorrell, Executive Director of Mission Waco.

Dorrell’s organization just finished renovating The World Cup Café and Jubilee Theater on North 15th Street.

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