Texas Store Owner Offers Police $10K To Shoot Burglars

Friday, November 2, 2012 - 8:57am

After losing thousands of dollars in merchandise, a Texas store owner says she's using a different tactic to deter crooks.
The sign offers a 10-thousand dollar reward to any law enforcement officer who shoots and kills burglars.
Business is booming at Debra Trejo’s south side clothing store.
But not long ago she was worried about going out of business after a series of break-ins.
"We would have a lot of break-ins. They'd be like once a month or once every two or three months."
The crooks usually only got away with a few hundred dollars, Then they cut the wires to her security system.
"They had all night to take everything so they took like $60,000 worth of merchandise and it took me like 3 years to replace all that."
"The Thieves got very creative in breaking in, the first time they pried open the back door the next time they came in through the roof and the third time they fell through the ceiling."
No matter what she did, the crooks found a way in.
Then she saw this sign on another business and decided to put them on her store.
There hasn't been a break-in since.
"Once the signs came in it was a big turnaround."
Trejo admits the strongly worded sign has been a turn off to some customers.
"I don't agree with that at all." Customers we talked to had mixed reviews. Some don’t know what to think. Others loved it.
"I had a business of my own and we know how it feels to lose everything when you work so hard to get where you're at."
"I'm all for it." As long as they keep the criminals away, Trejo is keeping the signs up.
"I didn't think it would be this much of a success."

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