Waco man indicted for February late night rampage in Hooters parking lot

Thursday, March 7, 2013 - 3:03pm

A grand jury has handed down an indictment, charging a Waco man with aggravated assault and endangering a child.

Last month, police arrested a Waco man after he threatened his girlfriend with a knife and used his car to ram into the back of the car she and their baby were riding in.

According to police, the incident happened on February 5, between 8:30 and 9 p.m. The 18-year-old victim got out of class and went home to pickup her boyfriend so they could go pick up their two-month-old baby from the babysitter, who was at Hooters, off of I-35 in Waco. The couple then reportedly got into an argument. When they arrived at the restaurant, the argument escalated, even when they went inside and got the baby.

The couple then went outside the restaurant, into the parking lot, and the victim started to get into the car with her mom, who happened to show up at the restaurant.

“The boyfriend became more abusive and started towards her,” said Patrick Swanton, Waco Police Spokesman about the boyfriend's reaction to the victim attempting to leave.

The victim then pulled out her pepper spray, in an effort to keep her boyfriend away from her. She did not use the spray, but she told her boyfriend to stay back.

“He got angry when she pulled out the pepper spray. So, he pulled out a knife and started threatening her with a knife,” said Swanton.

The victim then managed to load their baby into the car and secure herself inside. When the victim's mother, who was driving the car, attempted to pull off, the boyfriend became even more irritated.

“He jumped on the hood of the car to try to keep them from leaving," said Swanton.

People inside the restaurant, who by this time noticed the commotion, came outside and helped get the boyfriend off of the car.

“In today’s society, people are so leary of being sued or being involved, and they don’t want to get involved in those kind of things. Sometimes you have to do the right thing and step up. And, that’s what it looks like happened in this case,” said Swanton.

The victim's mom then pulled off with the victim and baby inside and started to get onto the interstate. The boyfriend got inside of his van and intentionally crashed into the mother's car on the access road. No one was injured.

The victim and her mom then went to the mom's house and contacted police. They told authorities where the victim was located, as they went in seperate directions after the crash.

21-year-old Joshua Taylor Smith was arrested at his apartment, in the 2400 block of South 21st Street. Smith is charged with aggravated assault and endangering a child.

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